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Nex Marketing agency is a digital Australian with top-notch strategies focused on lead generation.

We partner directly with our clients every step of the way, tailoring our strategy to meet the needs of your business. Nex Marketing Agency achieves tangible results in the real world with a completely transparent, analytical, and process-oriented methodology.


Lead Generation

All your marketing efforts measured by qualified leads generated and engaged users.

Digital Strategy

We know that setting your digital strategy is one of the most crucial and complicated stages. Nex Marketing Agency helps you target the right prospects aligning marketing action with your ideal buyer’s needs.

Generate Qualified Leads

We love driving marketing programs that generate qualified leads and encourage sales opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Our team creates strategies with qualified lead acquisition professionals using objective reports, data, the latest technologies, and transparent reliable analysis.

Marketing Solutions

In our company you will find lead generation marketing solutions that are designed to convert customers, re-engage existing ones and enhance your brand value, we strive to generate high-quality leads to supply dynamic sales teams.


Nex Marketing focuses on results that matter.

We eliminate the nonsense and sameness of marketing strategies and create effective programs to generate qualified leads that can be converted into sales opportunities.

Within our range of tools, we use inbound marketing to attract and convert qualified leads, as well as retention strategies to build effective campaigns and improve customer acquisition and engagement.

The services at Nex Marketing also cover full-funnel analytics, stage optimization, or marketing automation software gathering data from users and customer activity across the entire journey to drive informed decision-making.

Lead generation for teams with a growth mindset

Although referrals and reviews are often the most important source of new leads for businesses, lead generation is just as crucial to the growth of any business. Without qualified leads, the effectiveness of your sales team is stunted and it becomes extremely difficult to nurture and convert new prospects.

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An outstanding strategy must be a mix of design, technology, and, of course, digital marketing.

Nex Marketing agency has been reducing digital costs and improving website ROI for companies over the years with website design, development, custom coding, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Hosting, and cloud.

As a client, you are at the center of what we do. From pioneering new ways to attract customers to building digital solutions that make it easier to grow your business.

We help you grow your business and craft a marketing strategy to gain valuable customer insight online. Learn more about the complete suite of lead generation services:


Qualifying your leads

Before you can adopt a strategy for your business, you need to put in place a process that allows you to qualify any leads you to attract. This is important because it allows you to identify if a particular lead is worth your sales team’s investment of time and resources.

On the other hand, prospect qualification also helps you avoid losing viable prospects as a result of leads not being properly qualified. That is why the Nex Marketing team offers a solid and well-structured qualification framework within its Lead Generation service.

To carry out this process, we follow these steps:

1. Define your ideal client: Creating a buyer persona, identifying which sources your highest value clients come from, and other demographic aspects.

2. Create a scoring system: To quantify how “promising” a lead is, our common practice is to assign each lead a lead score, usually a defined numerical value.

3. Start the nurturing process: We send leads that score well to your sales team so they can follow up and set a minimum nurturing threshold for these leads.

However, as a decision-maker in a company, you know how important the lead generation process is, as well as customer management, SEO, and transparent marketing key indicators for reporting, so you can also benefit from our additional lead growth services such as branding, web design, dedicated content marketing and much more.

Nex Marketing Agency

Bring your goals and vision to life with Nex Marketing Agency

It takes a team of experienced professionals to create cross-functional campaigns. It also takes constant monitoring and optimization.

By using targeted lead generation tools, we capture interest in your product or service from prospects within your target audience. Contact us and let us do what we do best: create a plan that allows us to show your experience to a whole new audience. Let’s get started.

We help clients craft everything from tailored messaging frameworks to distinctive and compelling content marketing campaigns.