B2B lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation to companies like Nex Marketing Agency is more efficient than doing your own lead generation in-house. With a massive cross-channel network, a proven approach to finding customers, and a strong understanding of what you’re looking for, our company can transform the way your business finds new customers and facilitate rapid, sustainable growth.

Our Approach

Lead Generation

Our approach to lead generation is particularly effective in B2B because the decisions you make about business purchases carry a lot of weight: your job and your reputation in the workplace revolve around finding a trustworthy and profitable business to buy from. For this reason, most people want to research options carefully, and this is where our comprehensive content marketing coupled with paid ads can help drive the customer to your brand.

The multi-channel approach of the team at Nex Marketing provides clients looking for lead generation in Sydney with multiple touchpoints and allows them to add value to the client at every stage of their decision-making process.

It’s simple: Because lead generation companies have teams of dedicated specialists across all marketing channels and access to data that allows them to optimize their activities in real-time, they have a much higher rate of success in attracting leads, allowing your business to focus on closing the sale.

So for the cost of one lead, you’ll often get a repeat customer and the lifetime value of your repeat business for a one-time lead cost.

With a leading b2b lead generation company in Sydney like us, you will be able to deliver these leads at scale, while targeting the criteria you are looking for to ensure each lead is a great sales or marketing opportunity for your business.

Full Service

A full-service lead generation agency helping B2B companies.

When you work with Nex Marketing, you get more than just a resource. You get a partner, a team of people who really want your campaigns to work, whether your goal is leads, signups, downloads, subscribers, or engaged customers.

Our unique, holistic approach to demand generation combines strategic expertise, creativity, and a deep understanding of marketing technology to achieve measurable outcomes at every stage of the lead lifecycle: lead generation, nurturing, and remarketing. By measuring everything we do, understanding your business, and knowing what works, we generate a better return on your marketing investment.

Our Lead Generation Services Process

If you are not getting enough leads for your business and want to increase your sales then you should consider using our Lead Generation Services for Small and Medium Businesses in Sydney.

Get Started


Our research team analyzes your business industry.

We understand that lead generation is a key priority for companies and B2B businesses. We also know that it’s as much about lead quality as it is about volume. Our focus is always on generating compelling leads with prospects who are in the market for your services, uncovering the opportunities that are of greatest value to your company now.

We use cool data

Our data experts will obtain and create an accurate list of key data from decision-makers for your campaign. Or if you prefer we can work with your existing database!

Profile your prospects

We make sure that we really understand the pain points of your prospects. Our experience means that we know what is important to every decision-maker and will tailor our pitch accordingly.

We prepare the approach in advance

Our teams are experts in creating winning proposals for lead generation campaigns. We work with you to make sure we know about your products and services.


KPIs based on you

No matter how complex or rare your product/solution is, we will find and qualify the leads you need to grow your business. Results speak louder than words and our reports keep you up to date!

Our team will discuss your goals and set out a list of KPIs and goals you can expect to achieve while managing your campaigns.

Do you think you need more leads for your organization? Get in touch with us and we will show you the possibilities.