Learn How to do Graphic Design

How to do graphic design

How to do Graphic Design - What SMBS and Beginners Need to Know.
Design is more important than ever, especially for small businesses struggling to compete with bigger brands that have bigger budgets.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how can you not afford to use artwork with your content? Today, good design is not optional.
Are you ready to learn? Let’s get started...

How important is graphic design?

There is an art in doing graphic design well. Like anything else, it takes years of practice and education to perfect yourself.
Professional graphic designers have the ability to convey their tone, emotions, values, story, and much more in a single image.

Graphic design can add an exciting visual touch to your content. In this way, it is a boon for small business owners who use digital marketing to communicate with customers.

Some of the most notable examples of graphic design today stem from advances in technology.

Here's a look at some of these types of graphic design:
Website design involves creating attractive and intuitive web pages for users. This includes the overall design, color scheme, and navigation.
● User experience (UX) design focuses on ensuring that a website or app is easy and satisfying to use. These designers emphasize value, usability, adaptability, and desirability.
● Motion graphics, or animation, the design brings visual elements to life through special effects, television shows, video games, and movies.

Use tools to make it happen - more easily

One of the major evolutions in technology for the design industry is AI-powered design tools such as logo-making tools, email signature tools, and custom t-shirt design tools. These easy-to-use online tools are designed for artists and non-artists alike. With them, you can create professional graphic designs for your business in minutes.

There are also hundreds of graphic editing programs that are completely intuitive and easy for beginners to digest. You can try starting with Canva or Adobe Spark.
When you're ready to graduate from free design software, or plan to do graphic design professionally, Adobe Software is the industry standard.

The most common Adobe Softwares you may use as a small business owner, are:
Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based software used for graphics and illustrations. Since it is vector-based, it has infinite scale.
Adobe Photoshop is pixel-based software primarily used for photo editing.

So go ahead, create awesome graphic design and take your business to the next level!

Free online courses and training

The great news of becoming a self-taught graphic designer is that all the information he needs to learn graphic design is at his fingertips.
This can be really beneficial if you want to learn a more specialized skill or technique. You can also search YouTube as there are many tutorials on simple tasks and projects available for free if you know what you are looking for.

High-quality tutorials and lessons are available to you, either for free or for a small price, at least compared to a college education.
However, a self-taught graphic designer does not learn to design by magic. You still need to study, read, and practice using all kinds of different sources.

Last, but not least, be creative and persistent.

A lot of people think that creativity is a gift. The fact is, everyone is creative. The only difference lies in the implementation.
Although there are many ways to learn the practical part, the theoretical section of the design is deep-felt and quite well justified.

What differentiates on many occasions a good functional design and a common graphic is the implementation of professional techniques for capturing visual attention.

If you're clear about these techniques that we'll explain below at an early stage, you'll be able to come up with the best and most appropriate design for each ocassion.

Try to use specific colors for your brand

In design, colors play a fundamental role. They have the power to set a mood, make or break a design, and even influence audience emotions and perceptions.

Research has shown that:
● 92.6% of people considered colors as the main reason for making a purchase decision.
● 90% of people make subconscious judgments based on product colors.

If you have brand colors, use them in your designs. If you don't have brand colors, don't worry! You can use any color that matches or communicates your brand message.

And for that, you need to understand the meaning behind each color. For example, green represents health, new beginnings, growth, nature, and wealth. You can use color tools online to get functional shades combinations that fit your brand well.

Be consistent with your fonts

Like colors, fonts play an important role in design. No matter how good a design is, if the font you use in that particular design is not good, it can put potential customers off. Before finalizing a design, make sure the text is easy to read and reflects the personality of your brand.

Once a design is complete, try to use the same font in all of your graphic designs. Consistency will help your target audience recognize you. Unlike colors, while there is no hard and fast rule about how many fonts you should use in a design, it's best to stick to a maximum of two font families.

Get inspired by visually successful companies

Think of companies like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks. They are successful for a reason. Aside from their products and services, these companies invest in great, memorable design.

Take a look at their logos. They are all iconic. The designs, colors, fonts, almost everything transmits the history, values, and products/services of the company. These companies understand that design is everyone's language.

Before creating a design for your business, take inspiration from the most successful companies and find out how you can create a meaningful design. But while taking inspiration from others, make sure you don't copy their designs.

Don't have time to create extraordinary graphic designs?

The importance of graphic design for small businesses cannot be understated. If you want people to see your company in a memorable way, you need a professional designer.

Our team has an excellent in-house graphic design team that works tirelessly to produce remarkable and impressive designs.